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The 2016-17 program starts in early July.
Application deadline: March, 2016


Successful candidates will move through an extensive admissions screening and hiring process. Find out more about the selection process.

Candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, but a bachelor’s degree is typically required. In addition, candidates are also expected to have a strong desire to develop professionally, an understanding of free-market principles, and a commitment to limited government and individual liberties. Find out what else makes a strong candidate.


The online application for admission consists of several parts, including your work history, résumé, and answers to questions regarding your view of the role of government.

You must submit the following items through our online application for admission. You should also be prepared to identify possible career paths.

  • A résumé.
  • The names and contact information of two references, along with his or her relationship to you. Letters of recommendation or reference are not required.
  • A personal statement that conveys why you are a compelling candidate for the Koch Associate Program. The statement is your opportunity to tell us why you are a compelling candidate for our educational programs; it may address your career interests or goals, significant accomplishments or obstacles overcome, educational or professional achievements, or any way in which your perspective, viewpoint, or experience will add to the richness of the educational environment at the Charles Koch Institute (300 word limit).
  • A description of a specific example from the last 50 years of an economic policy or issue that aligns with your view of the ideal role of government (100 word limit).
  • A description of a specific example from the last 50 years of an economic policy or issue that conflicts with your view of the ideal role of government (100 word limit).
  • A list of three people or books that have influenced your philosophical or ideological thinking about the role of government. For each, explain in one sentence how it has influenced you.
  • A video describing your professional development goals for the course of the program. You may find it helpful to focus on the Market-Based Management® component of the curriculum. (3 minute limit).*
  • A video describing a professional or academic experience when your contributions were key to a group’s success. Please provide context to explain your role, your contributions, and the way you operated within the team (3 minute limit).*
  • A video describing an example of a policy or economic issue you have shifted your stance on recently and why (3 minute limit).*

*Videos will be evaluated based on content, not production quality. Please note you will be able to record video responses directly on the application page—all that is required is access to Internet and a webcam! If you have questions or concerns regarding the video component, please contact to discuss alternative solutions.


Questions? Email the recruiting team.

  • Please view our non-discriminatory policy here.