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Partner Organizations

Partner organizations for the Koch Associate Program are Washington, DC, area 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations varying from small public policy organizations to large think tanks. Common issue areas include criminal justice reform, government accountability, energy, health care, education, fiscal policy, and founding American principles. Job opportunities are as diverse as the associates and may be in communications, operations, policy research, external relations, and donor relations.

As with all of the Charles Koch Institute’s educational programs, the list of partner organizations with available roles changes from year to year based on the needs of each organization. The below is a partial list of past and present partner organizations that have hosted associates. Additionally, both the Charles Koch Institute and the Charles Koch Foundation hire associates as part of the Koch Associate Program.

Partner Organizations:

American Enterprise Institute
Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Cato Institute
Daily Caller News Foundation
The Heritage Foundation
Institute for Energy Research
Institute for Humane Studies
Institute for Justice
Leadership Institute
Mercatus Center
National Taxpayers Union Foundation
Regulatory Studies Center at the George Washington University
Reason Foundation
Tax Foundation
The Fund for American Studies
Young Americans for Liberty Foundation