Partner Organizations

Many organizations partner with the Charles Koch Institute to host Koch Fellows. Partner organizations are exclusively IRS section 501(c)(3) non-profits based in the Washington, DC, area or any state across the country. These organizations seek to advance well-being and free societies, each in its own way. Partner organizations’ areas of policy specialization have included tax reform, economic freedom, over criminalization, drug policy, individual liberties, and state-based issues.

As with all of the Charles Koch Institute’s educational programs, the list of partner organizations with available roles changes from semester to semester based on the needs of each organization. The below is a partial list of past and present partner organizations that have hosted Koch Fellows. Additionally, both the Charles Koch Institute and the Charles Koch Foundation may host fellows as part of the Koch Fellow Program: Policy.

Partner Organizations:

1851 Center for Constitutional Law
Acton Institute
American Enterprise Institute
Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Beacon Center of Tennessee
Beacon Hill Institute
Cascade Policy Institute
Cato Institute
Center for College Affordability and Productivity
Center for Prosecutor Integrity
Center of the American Experiment
Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Daily Caller News Foundation
Drug Policy Alliance
Empire Center for New York State Policy
Flex Your Rights
Idaho Freedom Foundation
Illinois Policy Institute
Independent Institute
Institute for Justice
MacIver Institute for Public Policy
Marijuana Policy Project Foundation
Mercatus Center
Pioneer Institute
Reason Foundation
Regulatory Studies Center at the George Washington University
South Carolina Policy Council
Tax Foundation
Texas Public Policy Foundation