After the Program

We are committed to helping every intern successfully advance his or her career and educational opportunities after the program; our staff is dedicated to helping connect interns with employment and graduate school opportunities, as well as giving career guidance. In addition, after completing the program, interns join our alumni network. Comprising the nearly 3,000 alumni of the Koch Associate Program, Koch Fellow Program: Communications, Koch Fellow Program: Policy, Koch Internship Program, and Liberty@Work®, our network offers alumni ample opportunity to continue to connect with other individuals who want to advance free societies. This network helps our alumni continue their personal and professional development after the internship program.

Where Interns Go

Whether returning to undergraduate studies, looking to land a job at a think tank, beginning to pursue a graduate degree, or even furthering your professional education in the Koch Associate Program, we’ll help you find opportunities that are right for you.

Koch Internship Program alumni have gone on to work at many locations in the Washington, DC area and across the country including Capitol Hill, the Heritage Foundation, Atlas Network, Reason Foundation, and the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Others are completing their undergraduate or graduate studies at locations including George Mason University, Georgetown University, University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, University of Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Harvard University, and UC Berkeley.