Professional Education

In addition to gaining hands-on work experience, interns gather weekly for professional development and management education, focusing mainly on Market-Based Management® (MBM®), a framework for understanding how an organization grows and prospers in the long term. Interns learn to apply economic thinking at their organization during the program and build their skills in order to improve well-being by advancing free societies throughout their career. Participants generally decide to work 20-40 hours a week, but all interns are required to spend one day a week with Institute faculty for the professional education and training portion of the program.

Tuesdays at the Institute (for DC-based interns) and Thursday online sessions (for state-based interns) are varied, but the curriculum usually consists of four broad components:

  • Workshops & Simulations: Interactive workshops taught by Institute instructors build practical skills like public speaking, writing, time management, and interviewing. Simulations bring to life concepts of economic thinking, incentives, vision, and integrity.
  • Reading Discussions: To understand the philosophical underpinnings of free societies, interns read selections from a variety of disciplines including management, economics, philosophy, and political science.
  • Speakers & Presentations: Interns are exposed to leaders and experts in policy, communications, non-profit management, and professional development.
  • Group Projects (DC-based program only): Interns take educational concepts from theory to practice, applying economic thinking principles in team projects and reflecting on the results.

All components of the curriculum are mandatory for participants.

Sample Tuesday Schedule
8:45 Morning Coffee
9:00-9:15 Morning Meeting
9:30-10:30 Panel: Career in Academia
10:45-11:45 Speaker: Cronyism, Corporatism, and the Constitution
1:00-2:30 MBM Training: Guiding Principles Tool
2:45-3:45 Professional Development: Mock Interviewing
4:00-5:00 Reading Discussion: Role of Government

Sample Thursday Schedule (State-Based Program)
1:00-2:00 Professional Development: Resume Workshop
2:00-3:00 Professional Development: Mock Interviewing
3:00-4:00 Reading Discussion: Role of Government
Readings for next week: “I, Pencil” by Leonard Read and “The Use of Knowledge in Society” by Friedrich Hayek.
Deliverables for next week: Meet with an alum in your area for coffee to discuss working at non-profit organizations.