Partner Organizations

Partner organizations are located across the United States and vary from small public policy organizations to state-based think tanks. Their priority issues include government accountability and transparency, education policy, health care, and economic education. Job opportunities are as diverse as the participants themselves, and include policy research, communications, donor relations, and operations.

Although not an exhaustive list, you can get an idea of some of the potential partner organizations for the Liberty@Work® program below:

  • 1851 Center for Constitutional Law; Columbus, OH
  • Citizen Outreach Foundation; Las Vegas, NV
  • Foundation for Individual Rights in Education; Philadelphia, PA
  • Illinois Policy Institute; Chicago, IL
  • Show-Me Institute; Saint Louis, MO

Are you a liberty-advancing 501(c)(3) organization? If you know of any current employees or individuals who might benefit from Liberty@Work, please send your recommendations to