The Well-Being Initiative

The Charles Koch Institute is committed to dialogue, research, and education aimed at exploring this seemingly simple question: What is well-being? From the city streets of ancient Greece to the Internet conversations of today, humanity has explored what drives well-being. The Charles Koch Institute is launching the Well-Being Initiative, a new, research-based project, to foster the conversation about well-being and how people can improve their lives. Through dialogue, research, and education, the Initiative aims to advance our understanding of the meaning, foundations, and drivers of human flourishing. The Initiative’s efforts currently focus on six dimensions: Opportunity, Health & Environment, Freedom, Community & Relationships, Living Standard, and Peace & Security.


Learn more about our events focused on fostering a dialogue on well-being, its drivers, and how we can improve quality of life. You can also view videos from past events featuring scholars and thought leaders on a wide range of themes and disciplines on our YouTube channel.


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Past events include:


The Charles Koch Foundation is a supporter of the Well-Being Initiative and also supports research focused on exploring the institutions and ideas that foster societal well-being. Learn more about its:

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