Skill Lab Attendance Policy

We offer our courses free of charge in hopes that it will allow more people to participate and grow their skill set. We are willing to invest in this way because we value our participants and love helping people meet their professional goals and expand their skills. However, with this investment comes an expectation that participants are willing to reciprocate by investing their time and fully participating in courses. Please see our expanded attendance policy below:

Attendance at all course sessions is an expectation of the program. If a participant knows that he or she will need to miss a session, it is expected that they will notify the course contact 24 hours ahead of time.
If a participant is a no-show for two or more class sessions without having previously informed the course contact, they will be sent an email asking if they still intend on participating. If they do not respond to that email, they will be taken off the course roster and email list.

If a participant is removed from two or more class rosters due to missing sessions without notice, he or she will no longer be eligible to participate in Skill Lab courses. He or she will be offered the option to reapply if they are interested in future programming through Skill Lab.