Skill Lab Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of Skill Lab?
Skill Lab is designed for people seeking skills training and professional development course that are specific and relevant to their career path. These courses are tailored to fit the busy schedules of people who desire additional education while also maintaining a traditional working schedule. By offering these courses, we seek to help our participants become more effective advocates for liberty.

Who is eligible to participate in Skill Lab?
Individuals who have completed a Charles Koch Institute educational program (KAP, KIP, MJF, L@W or KFP), people who are employed in a full-time, non-internship role at a liberty-advancing nonprofit, and current participants in any of our other educational programs are eligible to register for Skill Lab courses. All participants should have an active interest in advancing free societies and well-being through their careers.

How much does it cost to take a course?
All courses are offered free of charge. We simply ask that you invest your time in the courses that make the most sense for you.

What is the time commitment for a course?
The length of each course is specific to the topic. On average, we expect to have about six hours of content over the course of three weeks. The average course will meet for two hours once a week for three weeks. See our Attendance Policy.

Where are courses held?
In-person courses are held at the Charles Koch Institute offices, located in Arlington, Virginia. Online courses are accessible through Zoom, our online learning platform. Upon registering for a course, you will be given specific information regarding the meeting place or access link.

How do I suggest a course or new instructor?
You can suggest ideas by emailing the Skill Lab team at

What kinds of courses can I suggest?
Participant feedback is one of the main ways that we determine which courses to schedule. We want to run courses that meet the needs of our participants, and help you meet your professional goals. If you have an idea for a course or skill that you would like to learn, please let us know. While we cannot execute on every suggestion, we promise to explore every proposal.