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About Us

Charles Koch Institute

Who we are

For more than five decades, Charles Koch’s philanthropy has generated bold new ideas to improve American lives. Inspired by a recognition that free people are capable of extraordinary things, the Charles Koch Institute supports educational programs and dialogue to advance these principles, challenge convention, and eliminate barriers that stifle creativity and progress.

We believe that the most pressing issues facing society today are too big for any one group to solve, and that’s why we’re proud to be a part of the Stand Together Philanthropic Community. Stand Together helps people improve their lives by connecting them with passionate partners and the resources necessary to make a greater difference. Learn more about the Community, and how it is supporting social entrepreneurs, here.


What we do

We offer educational programs, paid internships, and job placement assistance to students and professionals, and encourage civil discussion about important issues like free speech, foreign policy, and criminal justice reform. In all of our programs, we are dedicated to identifying new perspectives and ideas that help people accomplish great things for themselves and others.

The Charles Koch Institute at a Glance

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Our Guiding Principles

Our MBM® Guiding Principles articulate our rules of just conduct along with our shared values and beliefs. Every one of us must internalize these core values and exemplify them in all we do.

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Have the courage to always act with integrity and in harmony with our vision.

Stewardship and Compliance

Act with proper regard for the rights of others. Honor donor intent in a manner that advances our vision. Comply with all laws and regulations. Stop, think, and ask.

Principled Entrepreneurship™

Practice a philosophy of mutual benefit. Demonstrate to people of all backgrounds and perspectives that this philosophy will improve people’s lives. Attract, motivate, and empower as many people as possible to become social-change entrepreneurs dedicated to advancing a society of mutual benefit.


Transform yourself, your organization, and our efforts. Seek, develop, and utilize the vision, strategies, and methods that will enable us to demonstrate a better way to help people improve their lives and encourage rapid adoption across society.


Acquire the best knowledge from any and all sources that will enable you to improve your performance. Share your knowledge proactively. Provide and solicit challenge consistently and respectfully.


Be humble, intellectually honest, and deal with reality constructively. Develop an accurate sense of self-worth based on your strengths, limitations, and contributions. Hold yourself and others accountable to these standards.


Treat everyone with honesty, dignity, respect, and sensitivity. Embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge, and skills in order to leverage the power of diversity.


Be a lifelong learner, develop your aptitudes into skills that create value and help you realize your potential which is essential for fulfillment. As you become increasingly self-actualized, you will better deal with reality, face the unknown, creatively solve problems, and help others succeed.

The Philosophies Behind What We Do

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Our Vision

We work to empower students, scholars, and social entrepreneurs. In doing so, we are guided by a vision to help all people realize their potential.

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Market-Based Management®

Market-Based Management (MBM®) enables organizations to succeed in the long term by applying the principles that allow free societies to prosper.

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The Institute is an educational organization described in sections 501(c)(3) and 170(b)(1)(A)(ii) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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