Alumni Who Make a Difference


Each year, Forbes magazine publishes its “30 Under 30” list to highlight “600 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, breakout talents and change agents in 20 different sectors.” In 2016, the magazine honored seven of our educational program alumni as part of its “Law & Policy” list. If you’re doing the math, that means more than 20 percent of the of the “Law & Policy” honorees participated in at least one Charles Koch Institute educational program.

Our Alumni

Andrea Castillo

Program manager, Technology Policy Program, Mercatus Center
2012-13 Koch Associate Program and Spring 2012 Koch Internship Program

Akash Chougule

Deputy director of policy, Americans for Prosperity
2012-13 Liberty@Work®

Christopher Koopman

Research fellow, Mercatus Center
2013-14 Koch Associate Program and Spring 2013 Koch Internship Program

Hadley Heath Manning

Director of health policy, Independent Women’s Forum
2012-13 Koch Associate Program

Jared Meyer

Fellow, Manhattan Institute
2014-15 Koch Associate Program and Summer 2013 Koch Fellow Program: Policy

Liya Palagashvili

Assistant professor, State University of New York at Purchase
Summer 2010 Koch Internship Program and Summer 2009 Koch Fellow Program: Policy

Robby Soave

Staff editor, Reason
2012-13 Liberty@Work® and Summer 2010 Koch Fellow Program: Policy


We are very proud of our alumni, although we are not entirely surprised by their accomplishments and hard work. Our educational programs bring together students and professionals from across the country who have a passion for free societies and who are interested in beginning or building careers to help people improve their lives.

Learn more about our professional programs, student fellowships, and internship opportunities. You never know where they may lead you!

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