National Constitution Center’s Annual Freedom Day

The Charles Koch Institute was a proud sponsor of the National Constitution Center’s annual Freedom Day celebration on April 13, 2016. The day featured important conversations on pressing issues related to free speech and free expression and brought together several leading free speech experts.

Included in the day’s events was a conversation about the state of free speech on campus. Frederick Lawrence, the former president of Brandeis University, moderated a panel comprising a wide range of scholars and advocates who discussed the present challenges facing free speech at American universities.

The day’s activities concluded with a screening of Can We Take a Joke? The documentary, directed by Ted Balaker, looks at how an increasing hostility to free speech on campus has led prominent comedians to question whether today’s university students can, in fact, take a joke.

In order to continue exploring the importance of toleration to a free and flourishing society, the Charles Koch Foundation requests proposals for research regarding toleration and free speech.

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