Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Market-Based Management®?

Like a society, an organization is an economic system with rules, incentives, and cultural values. Centuries of learning from all segments of society have taught us that freedom is a powerful engine for generating well-being, discovery, and growth. The Market-Based Management philosophy seeks to apply these lessons to the inner workings of an organization. The curricula for the Koch Internship Program and Koch Associate Program offer participants the opportunity to study these ideas further.

What is the Framework for a Free and Open Society?

The FFOS articulates the ideas, values, and principles that we think are most conducive to enabling social progress and prosperity.  The FFOS is based on an interdisciplinary study of history, economics, philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines aimed at understanding how people can best live and work together.  By advancing core principles—such as respect for human dignity, equal rights, and free speech and open inquiry—we can help people improve their lives.

What opportunities exist after the programs?

Once a Charles Koch Institute program ends, the Institute will continue to connect with participants through the alumni engagement program, which includes events, networking, and continued professional development opportunities.

Who supports my program?

The Charles Koch Institute and Charles Koch Foundation collaborate to support the Institute’s educational programs. Students entering through the Institute’s programs receive support from both the Charles Koch Institute and Charles Koch Foundation either directly through stipends or through grants to the student’s partner organization.

How can I learn more about a program?

A great way to learn more is to get in touch with our team. You may contact us today to talk about the program and ask any questions you may have. Email the talent outreach team at

Application Questions

When is the application deadline?

We’re currently operating with a rolling admissions process, which means you can apply at any time. However, your availability or when you’d like to participate will dictate the best time to submit your application. We recommend submitting your application at least three months in advance of the start date of your program. The longer you wait to submit, the more likely you are to be waitlisted or have enough time to interview with potential partner organizations.

I want to apply for “X” program but the website shows yellow—is it too late for me to apply?

Not necessarily. You should still apply but know that your run the risk of being waitlisted or potentially having fewer opportunities available through the portal, if you’re accepted.

What makes a compelling candidate?

There are many things that make an applicant compelling but some of the pieces we most often see from standout participants’ applications are: ability to clearly articulate their interest in the educational programs; a demonstrated desire to improve themselves through intellectual development and workplace experience; and those that can articulate how they’ve demonstrated humility and been an entrepreneur in their past experiences.; thirst for seeking and gaining knowledge.

While applicants frequently have undergraduate degrees in economics, political science, communications, history, or business, we encourage applicants from all disciplines, as well as those with advanced degrees.

Logistical Questions

Do I have to move to the Washington, DC, area to participate in the Charles Koch Institute’s educational programs?

No. The Charles Koch Institute is in Arlington, Virginia. However, all our programs offer participants the option to work either in the Washington, DC, area or at a partner organization around the country. Additionally, there are options for in-person and online courses depending on a participant’s location.

Does the Charles Koch Institute provide housing?

We do not provide housing, but participants aren’t alone when they join a program. The Charles Koch Institute connects participants to one another prior to the program start so that they can discuss housing opportunities.

What if I need a visa?

The Charles Koch Institute does not sponsor visas for candidates for the Koch Internship Program or Koch Fellow Programs. However, some partner organizations may choose to accept candidates who need a visa on a case-by-case basis. J-1 internship programs are designed to allow foreign college and university students or recent graduates to come to the United States for cultural and educational exchange. These programs must be accredited through the Exchange Due to the application process timeline for the Koch Internship Program and Koch Fellow Programs, individuals who need a J-1 Visa may not be eligible for the programs.

The J-1 Visa process can be lengthy and the ability to start participating on the first day of the program is a requirement. Please take this information into consideration before applying.

Payment Questions

Is the Koch Internship Program stipend taxable?

Participants who find placements through the program will receive a stipend of up to $4,500 (10-week summer program) or $6,300 (14-week spring and fall programs). Participants working in positions they held prior to admission to the program will receive an adjusted stipend based on their time spent in the program. The stipend is intended to cover housing, travel, and related costs that fellows will incur over the course of the program.

The stipend participants receive is taxable by the IRS and may be taxable by other tax authorities. Participants are responsible for reporting the stipend on their taxes.

How much do the programs pay?

The Koch Associate Program and Media and Journalism Fellowship Program participants will earn salaries that are commensurate on their experience.

Koch Internship Program participants are generally paid a stipend intended to cover housing, travel, and related costs over the course of the program. While part-time participation is permitted (an equivalent to three days per week at a partner organization), all components of the Institute’s classroom curriculum are mandatory for participants.

KIP ParticipationCompensation (payments made in installments during the program)
Full-time participation$450 per week (10-week program: $4,500; 14-week program: $6,300)
Part-time participation$270 per week (10-week program: $2,700; 14-week program: $3,780)
Participation through a position held prior to the program (must be approved by our selection team)Up to $1,000 total (for 10-and 14-week programs)

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