Koch Internship Program

Koch Internship Program

About the Program

The Koch Internship Program (KIP) combines an educational approach that puts the student in the driver’s seat with hands-on work experience for future leaders interested in making a difference in the world.

Through KIP, interns learn about impactful careers in social entrepreneurship, where leaders who come from all walks of life use their unique gifts to advance positive changes in society and help people improve their lives.

While in the program, interns work at one of our many participating organizations, earning a stipend of $450 a week. Alongside their professional experience, interns focus on developing themselves as leaders, engaging with a curriculum guided by three pillars:

  • Learn about CKI’s vision for social change and all the opportunities in our network of collaborators to make social entrepreneurship the centerpiece of their career.
  • Discover and develop their aptitudes and strengths so interns can make a meaningful impact in the world while exploring roles and career fields that most interest them. They will do this through reflection on their work at their participating organization, considering what they’re learning about their passions and gifts, and through a capstone project of their choosing that they work on over the course of the program.
  • Learn about Market-Based Management® (MBM®), Charles Koch’s management philosophy that has brought proven results to his private company and philanthropy. Our focus in KIP is on the guiding principles, which are methods interns can use to challenge themselves to be an innovator with the mindset to make a difference. Interns use their capstone project as a laboratory for applying what they learn in the classroom.

Important Program Dates

Application OpensApplication ClosesProgram BeginsProgram Ends
Spring 2021October 12, 2020January 1, 2021February 10, 2021April 16, 2021
Summer 2021February 10, 2021April 16, 2021June 2, 2021August 6, 2021

What Interns will Experience

  • Mentorship

    The interns establish relationships with and receive guidance from seasoned professionals. Mentors meet with interns regularly, remaining connected to each intern’s challenges, goals, and aspirations. Our mentorship program helps interns create a self-driven curriculum tailored to their development needs. Interns explore their aptitudes and passions, refine their capstone project, evoke mindsets that help interns realize their full potential, and reflect on who they are and what impact they want to have in the world.

  • Capstone Project

    The capstone projects are an opportunity for interns to explore what matters most to them while also creating value for others. Through their projects, interns work to bring their passions and unique talents together in order to help people in their community. By leveraging their abilities to solve real-world problems, interns will discover how to grow their aptitudes into valued skills and drive their own career growth over time. For example, a recent intern planned and hosted a pop-up event in her community, connecting people who had recently been released from prison with organizations supporting re-entry in their area.

Curriculum Snapshot

Opening Summit – Welcome to the Community!

Week 1 – Why am I here and what do I care about?

Week 2 – The importance of principles

Week 3 – How am I unique?

Week 4 – Help, I need a job!

Week 5 – Self-Improvement

Week 6 – Succeeding in your early career

Week 7 – What does Self-Actualization look like for you?

Week 8 – Biggest Learning Moments

Week 9 – Reflection & Direction

Week 10 – Planning Next Steps

Closing Summit – What have I learned and what am I going to do about it?

What's in it for me?

A paid internship.

We know building experience is crucial, especially if you’re exploring social entrepreneurship as the right path for you, and we’re here to help jump-start your career.

Professional and personal growth.

Throughout your internship experience, you’ll build and identify your aptitudes, develop professional skills, and expand your vision of what a career in social entrepreneurship could mean for you.

Getting connected

KIP will help you build meaningful relationships with a diverse group of fellow participants, faculty, and guests. Completing a Charles Koch Institute educational program comes with many long-term benefits, including access to an alumni network of more than 5,000 professionals.

Ready to Apply?

Our country needs more leaders dedicated helping every person rise.

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Alumni Network

Our alumni have diverse passions and paths, working to expand opportunity, advance principled business, discover community-based solutions to poverty, support a free press, and improve public policy. In addition to many other professional paths, future careers for our alumni have included becoming founders of non-profits, tenured professors, journalists, and expert policy analysts.

Completing a Charles Koch Institute educational program comes with many long-term benefits, including access to an alumni network of more than 5,000 professionals. Just as the Institute is dedicated to helping our participants grow and evolve professionally, we are equally excited to help our alumni reach their goals and make a difference in the world.

As an alumnus, you will have access to resources that will help you continue to build skills and meet your goals. These resources include:

  • Access to the alumni LinkedIn group, and the associated discussion boards, job postings, and networking opportunities.
  • Invitations to alumni-only events, happy hours, and conferences.
  • Support from the Alumni Relations team staff.

Questions about how our alumni network can help you? Email our Alumni team at alumni@charleskochinstitute.org

Additional Resources

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