On Auto Pilot: What’s Driving Transportation Innovation?
10-13-2016 07:00pm

On Auto Pilot: What’s Driving Transportation Innovation?

Entrepreneurs across the country are launching previously unthinkable technologies and business models for moving people and goods. Is transportation policy keeping pace or stifling progress?

In a world where a ride is just a tap away (or not), society must ask: How might state and federal policy limit future innovation as it relates to everything from drones to driverless cars? How can we avoid inhibiting innovation while still protecting public safety? How does the recent fight over ride-sharing regulation in Austin compare to what other cities have experienced? What challenges are entrepreneurs in Austin and around the country facing? Where should we go from here?

Please join the Charles Koch Institute and the Lincoln Initiative for an engaging conversation with business leaders and policy experts on the future of transportation.



Caroline Joiner, executive director, Texas & Southeast, TechNet
Joel Trammell, founder and CEO, Khorus


Evan Baehr, cofounder, Able


Eli Dourado, Technology Policy Program director, Mercatus Center at George Mason University
David Heard, founder and CEO, Tech Bloc
Nick Kennedy, founder and CEO, RISE
Jared Meyer, fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

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