Criminal Justice: A Better Way for Oklahoma

Who belongs in prison? Oklahoma has the second-highest incarceration rate in the nation. About half of Oklahoma’s prison population either has had a history of or currently has a mental illness, and many also face addictions. There is a better way—for taxpayers, communities, and offenders—to address nonviolent crimes. Successful reforms in other states show that criminal justice reform can reduce crime and costs at the same time.

Join us for a conversation about reforms possible this year that could change the direction of Oklahoma for the better.


Adam Luck, Oklahoma state directorRight on Crime 
Kris Steele, chairman, Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform; former speaker, Oklahoma House of Representatives

Panel Discussion


Alison Frasermanaging director of research and policyCharles Koch Institute


Lauren Krisaidirector of criminal justice reformReason Foundation 
Adam LuckOklahoma state directorRight on Crime
Jonathan SmallpresidentOklahoma Council of Public Affairs
Gene Perrypolicy directorOklahoma Policy Institute


David Praterdistrict attorney, Oklahoma County 

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