Safety and Justice in Tennessee: The Right Reforms
09-13-2016 06:00pm

Safety and Justice in Tennessee: The Right Reforms

As states, especially red states, continue to enact meaningful criminal justice reforms, the Charles Koch Institute invites right-of- center leaders to evaluate the situation in Tennessee.

There are currently more than 20,000 inmates in Tennessee prisons, and another 70,000 are on probation and parole. Each year, more than 5,000 inmates leave state prisons and attempt to reintegrate into society. With corrections expenditures making up approximately 10 percent of the state budget, all Tennesseans would be better served by a system that prioritizes rehabilitation and reducing recidivism. The private sector can play an especially significant role in providing employment opportunities, which are vital to successful re-entry.

Please join the Charles Koch Institute and a panel of experts to explore reforms that promote public safety, reduce costs, and respect the dignity of individuals while making victims whole.



Vikrant Reddy, senior research fellow, Charles Koch Institute


Marc Levin, policy director, Right on Crime
Raul Lopez, executive director, Men of Valor
Justin Owen, president and CEO, Beacon Center of Tennessee
Jimmy Webb, Co-Founder and President, Freeman Webb Incorporated

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