“The True Flag”: Book Discussion with Stephen Kinzer
04-13-2017 05:30pm

“The True Flag”: Book Discussion with Stephen Kinzer

Please join us for a discussion with Stephen Kinzer, best-selling author of Overthrow and The Brothers, who will be discussing his most recent book, The True Flag: Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire.

Kinzer—an author, academic, and long-time foreign correspondent for The New York Times—transports his readers back to the turn of 20th century to explore the debate about America’s first major foray into foreign adventurism.

His archival investigation reveals an elegant dispute between this country’s elected leaders, business magnates, and academic intelligentsia within the boundaries of the journalistic Fourth Estate. President Theodore Roosevelt, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, and media mogul William Randolph Hearst enthusiastically lobbied for the country to achieve its global destiny by shedding the Monroe Doctrine. Meanwhile, prominent figures such as Mark Twain, Booker T. Washington, and Andrew Carnegie urged restraint, shielding the constitutional republic from the ambitions of an American empire.

Their vigorous debate about this country’s role in the world has yet to be matched. Indeed, it echoes in today’s discussion about the durability of Pax Americana and the liberal world order the United States helped establish.

Jonathan Cristol, a World Policy Institute fellow, and William P. Ruger, vice president for research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute, will contribute their thoughts to what promises to be an informative and engaging conversation with a master chronicler of the American experience.



Stephen Kinzer is the author of The Brothers, Reset, Overthrow, All the Shah’s Men, and other books. An award-winning foreign correspondent, he served as The New York Times’ bureau chief in Turkey, Germany, and Nicaragua and as The Boston Globe’s Latin America correspondent. He is a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University and writes a column on world affairs for The Boston Globe. He lives in Boston.

Jonathan Cristol is a fellow at the World Policy Institute (WPI) in New York City and a senior fellow at Bard College’s Center for Civic Engagement in Annandale, New York. He is the former director of Bard’s Globalization and International Affairs Program, and writes frequently about U.S. foreign policy for outlets including World Policy Journal, CNN, and Mic.

William P. Ruger is the vice president for research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute. He was previously an associate professor in the political science department at Texas State University. A veteran of the Afghanistan War, Ruger currently serves as an officer in the U.S. Navy (Reserve Component).

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