Issue Areas

Issue Areas

Education, dialogue, and challenge are essential for developing innovative solutions to our most critical issues. From eliminating barriers to opportunity to giving the previously incarcerated second chances and keeping America safe, we support bold ideas that spur entrepreneurship and promote prosperity.

Our Focus

The Institute offers educational programs and partners with other non-profits to educate the public about some of the biggest challenges facing our country: criminal justice reform, foreign policy, free speech and toleration, technology and innovation, and barriers to opportunity such as corporate welfare, K–12 education, and occupational licensure. Our goal is to spark a national conversation on these vital topics and inspire thought leaders, students, and scholars to find new ways to improve people’s lives.

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Criminal Justice Reform

We support criminal justice reforms that keep our communities safe by respecting human dignity and emphasizing public safety.

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Free Speech & Toleration

Protecting good ideas and speech means protecting all ideas and speech, so long as they do not violate the person, property, or liberty of others.

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Foreign Policy

We work to expand the public debate about what foreign policy will make us more safe and secure, and we support a new generation of experts re-examining prevailing orthodoxy.

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Stopping Corporate Welfare

We support reforms that lead to more innovation, economic growth, and individual opportunity.

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Technology & Innovation

We support a culture that embraces innovation, maintaining and expanding opportunity for all.

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People Making a Difference

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