The Challenge

We live in a period of unprecedented progress — economic, technological, social — but not everyone shares in that progress. While many people have gotten ahead, too many people are falling behind.

A large group of social entrepreneurs is dedicated to understanding the conditions needed to ensure that people are empowered, contribute to their communities, and live meaningful lives. We aim to support them.

Focus Areas

  • Fiscal restraint
    Maximizing opportunity and minimizing liabilities
  • Regulation that works
    Structural reforms to reduce red tape
  • Workforce development and breaking barriers to work
  • Making housing more affordable

We Support Social Entrepreneurs

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Impact Stories

06-06-2017 05:01pm

ICYMI: “Farm Subsidies Are Little More Than a Handout to the Rich”

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03-20-2017 05:59pm

ICYMI: Trump’s ‘Skinny Budget’: The Good, the Bad, the Missing

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03-15-2017 06:02pm

ICYMI: Taxpayer-Funded Business Incentives More Glitter than Gold

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03-09-2017 02:57pm

Amity Shlaes Discusses “The Forgotten Man” at CPAC

The Charles Koch Institute hosted a CPAC panel with bestselling author and historian Amity Shlaes for a discussion about the rise of cronyism in America.

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02-17-2017 06:06pm

ICYMI: Trump’s Executive Order On Financial Reform Didn’t Go Far Enough

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12-12-2016 04:14pm

ICYMI: How Agriculture Subsidies are Hurting Farmers, Taxpayers

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