The Challenge

Every learner is unique — full of talents and passions waiting to be discovered. Education, for children and adults, should be tailored to help all learners identify their gifts and pursue their passions. We seek to catalyze a movement of social entrepreneurs accelerating new, low-cost methods of learning, and to empower families with the resources to pursue an education that works best for them.

Focus Areas

  • Individualized education
    Increasing the diversity of educational options
  • Residential assignment
    Your ZIP code shouldn’t determine your educational opportunity
  • School finance
    Empowering families with resources

We Support Social Entrepreneurs

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Impact Stories

02-24-2021 08:37am

Cadence Learning shows promising early outcomes

A recent study by Brown University found positive results for both teachers and students from Cadence Learning’s virtual summer program.

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02-17-2021 08:41am

Learning to love learning

We speak with Outschool founder Amir Nathoo to learn more about his venture and dream about the future of education.

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02-10-2021 08:33am

Three ways to make college affordable

Social entrepreneur Vance Fried offers three practical ideas that could make a difference in college affordability and access.

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02-01-2021 03:10pm

Accelerating individualized education

What would it look like to offer every child opportunities for an education tailored to that child’s specific potential?

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Cadence Learning gives teachers tools to be effective educators online

A group of committed social entrepreneurs and educators are proving that virtual learning doesn't have to be a disaster.

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01-25-2021 12:43pm

VELA Education Fund supports innovative Atlanta learning pod

Innovators Mikayla Streeter and Khabral Muhammad explain how they responded to demand for new education models during COVID-19.

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