Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Which policies will make us more safe and secure?

The Challenge

Few national policies have a greater influence on the safety, rights, and future prosperity of the American people than foreign policy, making it one of the most important issues for public debate. The United States should maintain a strong military—yet in recent years, our use of military force has backfired, making Americans less safe and secure. We deserve a more thoughtful and sustainable foreign policy focused on our enduring security interests—that is, the policy choices and actions that will actually keep us safe here at home.

Our Goal

A sound foreign policy should emphasize free trade and diplomacy as well as a strong military, and policymakers must be mindful of the unintended consequences of using force. Most importantly, our actions should not put American lives or our financial future unnecessarily at risk. The Charles Koch Institute supports a new generation of foreign policy experts willing to re-examine prevailing orthodoxy, with the goal of expanding public debate about the policies that will make us more safe and secure.

The United States needs a strong national defense to keep us safe, and the public is demanding a humbler, wiser approach steeped in realism when using our military abroad.

William Ruger, Vice President of Research and Policy

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