Stopping Corporate Welfare

Stopping Corporate Welfare

How can we level the playing field so that everyone who wants to work hard has an opportunity to succeed?

The Challenge

Governments often grant privileges—from favorable regulations to tax breaks—to well-connected companies and individuals. This favoritism, called cronyism or corporate welfare, allows businesses to profit based on their political connections rather than how much they improve people’s lives. The result is stifled innovation and reduced economic growth and individual opportunity.


Our Goal

We believe in a society in which all businesses and individuals are treated equally under the law. Success should be earned by creating value for others—not through government privilege, connections, or influence.

Our Focus

We work on stopping these areas of corporate welfare:

Business Subsidies

When governments provide payments, loans, bailouts, or other benefits to favored businesses, they transfer wealth from taxpayers to politically powerful special interests.

Tax Preferences

There are special carve-outs in the tax code that politicians give to their favorite groups—often benefiting the well-connected.

Regulatory Preferences

Government rules often shield industries and professions from competition, unfairly benefiting established businesses over start-ups or burdening workers with high fees and licensing requirements. This reduces consumer choice and discourages entrepreneurship.


By imposing barriers like tariffs and quotas to restrict international trade, government stifles innovation and harms consumers who benefit from increased competition.

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