Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

What's the best way to foster a culture of innovation?

The Challenge

From life-saving medical research to new communications tools, technological advances have offered millions of people the opportunity to create value for themselves and others. Maintaining those gains requires a culture that embraces innovation, a neutral regulatory environment, and strong protections for digital free speech and free association.

Our Goal

We believe that embracing a culture of permissionless innovation is the best way to maintain and expand opportunity for everyone.

Our Focus

We work on these areas of technology and innovation:

The Case for Innovation

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, have the potential to improve the lives of millions.

Digital Free Speech

As conversations move online, the design, structure, and legal rights and obligations of these forums must enable free speech and civil discourse.

Industries Ripe for Innovation

Outdated legal rules often hinder advances in areas that are ripe for technological disruption, like health care, manufacturing, and transportation.

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