Research Assistant, Educational Development

Research Assistant, Educational Development

Curriculum Development and Education

Your knowledge of classical liberal ideas inspires you to think critically about the benefits of free societies. You thrive when contributing to multiple ongoing projects. You’re a focused, self-driven researcher who produces high-quality results.

If this sounds familiar, our educational development team needs you to help apply your knowledge of classical liberal ideas to research challenges in order to inform individuals about the benefits of a free society.

As a research assistant, you’ll collect and analyze data to support a diverse portfolio of the Institute’s projects and events. Your primary focus will be on quick turnaround research assignments for internal customers, such as donor partner education efforts. You’ll approach research projects with an appropriate sense of urgency to deliver results on deadlines.

Your responsibilities include:
• Rapidly producing written materials applying the principles of a free society as articulated in our Framework for a Free and Open Society™ (FFOS), to a variety of issues, individuals, or writings.
• Contribute to the development and dissemination of the FFOS through the production of new materials and/or assisting in FFOS educational efforts.

Required knowledge and skills you bring to the team:
• 2+ years of experience in a research or policy role
• Strong understanding of classical liberalism
• Track record of success in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to apply the principles of a free society to a wide variety of issues
• High degree of initiative, entrepreneurship, and customer focus

Standout applicants may also bring:
• Successful completion of one of CKI’s educational programs preferred


The Charles Koch Institute and the Charles Koch Foundation are working to advance a free society that best achieves long-term peace, civility, and well-being. We do this by supporting universities, non-profits, and professional training programs to find the ideas and talent that will stimulate a movement and change the world.

Because here, your life’s work matters.

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