Senior Fellow, Technology and Innovation

Senior Fellow, Technology and Innovation

Policy and Research

The Charles Koch Institute seeks an individual to join its policy team to help foster critical national conversation about technology and innovation. Technological advances have transformed the human experience and have led to vast increases in well-being. These advances are best enabled by a policy framework of permissionless innovation and a culture that welcomes technological progress. We are currently focusing in these three areas of technology and innovation:

The Case for Innovation

Technology has the potential to continue to provide dramatic increases in well-being for all Americans. But not all disruption is welcomed. Increasing automation, shifting norms regarding employment, artificial intelligence, and other technological changes can come with increased public concern about the future of labor and public safety. In order to preserve a culture of permissionless innovation that facilitates technological progress, we must address how innovation improves well-being.

Digital Free Speech

The availability of information is a critical element of a free society. As conversations move online, the design, structure, and legal rights and obligations of those forums must enable free speech and civil discourse. Free speech, data, privacy, and encryption are also deeply intertwined. In order to have meaningful free speech and association, individuals must be able to communicate legally and securely through digital means. Without meaningful privacy and strong encryption, rights of expression will be chilled. This digital transition also provides an opportunity for private firms to use big data to unleash significant technological advancements.

Industries Ripe for Disruption

Many areas of our economy are ripe for technological disruption, but outdated legal frameworks often hinder potential advances.

Health Care: Current medical regulations should adapt to potentially life-saving innovations such as wearables and other devices, pharmacological advances, virtual reality, genetic testing, and the sharing economy, allowing patients and their doctors to make responsible choices for individual circumstances.

Financial: Provided they are not overregulated, new forms of payment, contracting, investment, financing, and insurance have the potential to transform the financial services industry by reducing or eliminating the costs of exchange. These new financial tools can lower barriers and increase exchanges in ways that were not previously possible. For example, blockchain technology can enable direct financial transactions as well as facilitate greater public accountability.

Manufacturing: New forms of manufacturing, such as 3-D printing, and new material advances have the potential to improve the daily lives of individuals. We often do not consider these types of technological advances, but they are found in products we all use every day and can lead to improved goods for all.

Transportation: Driverless cars, drones, and transportation network companies are just some of the significant recent developments in transportation. As those technologies expand, the potential benefits to individuals and firms can be stymied by outdated regulatory barriers and crony opposition.

The ideal candidate will share an excitement for the discussion of areas of technology and innovation including the case for innovation, digital free speech, and industries ripe for disruption (such as transportation, health care, finance, and manufacturing). He/She will also be an experienced scholar and have a solid body of publications in topics related to these issues. Responsibilities will include driving the strategy behind the policy team’s engagement on these ideas as well as a unique outreach responsibility to identify and maintain relationships with strategic prospects for investments in educational and partnership opportunities.

If you are excited to drive a national conversation around an issue critical to freedom and looking for an out-of-the-box policy career opportunity, apply below!

Your responsibilities include:
•Review external partnership opportunities and make recommendations to key decision makers
•Help lead formulation of the team’s plans and activities in the technology and innovation issue area
•Develop and write research and policy reports that will directly contribute to the Institute’s understanding of this critical issue
•Represent the Institute through public speaking engagements at public forums, conferences, and other similar opportunities
•Publish research and opinion pieces in public outlets
•Advise and collaborate across the Institute and Foundation to develop strategies which advance Institute goals
•Identify curriculum for educational programs and present lectures and other educational presentations

Required knowledge and skills you bring to the team:
•10+ years of experience as a scholar with expertise and an established vita in technology and innovation issues
•Graduate level degree in economics, political science or related field, Ph.D. preferred
•Strong writing and analytical skills
•Strong oral communicator, able to represent the Institute in public forums including seminars, scholarly panels, debates, and in print and broadcast media.
•Strategic thinker who understands the key thinkers, leaders and organizations in their field of expertise
•High level of initiative and ability to work independently and in a team setting
•Solid understanding of and passion for individual liberty and classical liberal philosophy
•Entrepreneurial spirit and high sense of urgency

All candidates will be required to submit writing samples and a C.V. Examples include substantive research papers, articles and op-eds


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