Senior Policy and Research Analyst, Economic Freedom

Senior Policy and Research Analyst, Economic Freedom

Policy and Research

A well-functioning economy is grounded in the rule of law and allows markets to deliver mutually-beneficial outcomes absent undue government interference and favoritism towards particular businesses and individuals. This vision is not sufficiently realized in the current economy because government is increasingly erecting harmful regulatory barriers, interfering with the function of private markets, and advancing cronyism and corporate welfare through policies that allow well-connected groups to receive special benefits at the expense of everyone else.

As a Senior Policy and Research Analyst, you will have an opportunity to publicly engage through participation on panels and in other events, as well as to engage in research, analysis, and development of products including policy publications and op-eds. You will also play a key role in shaping the larger strategy to inform CKI on investments in partner organizations and other grantmaking.

If you are committed to fostering a culture where society is based on voluntary exchange and spontaneous order rather than top-down governmental policies, join us. Deploy your knowledge of fiscal, tax, and regulatory policy to help us promote our vision, develop partnerships, and explore opportunities that advance economic freedom and opportunity for all.

Highlights of our Economic Freedom Policy Area:
• Fiscal and Tax Policy: Ensuring limited government such that tax and fiscal policies do not threaten a free economy where economic growth and opportunity are available to all.
• Regulatory Policy: Ensuring that laws and regulations protect individual rights rather than overburden individuals and businesses with undue barriers that reduce innovation, opportunity, and growth.
• Cronyism and Corporate Welfare: Removing government policies that undermine rule of law and create a two-tier society by providing spending, tax, regulatory, and other preferences to favored businesses and individuals at the expense of others.

Your responsibilities include:
• Represent CKI through a number of public speaking engagements including panel discussions, lectures and speeches, and reading discussions
• Produce well-researched written products, including op-eds, for external representation of the Institute’s perspective on this critical issue area
• Build relationships with potential partner organizations that may engage in the issue
• Initiate, review, and optimize grants with partners and potential partners
• Contribute to policy research and analysis, and to internal and external publications on key issues including fiscal and tax policy, regulatory policy, and cronyism and corporate welfare

Required knowledge and skills you bring to the team:
• 4-6 years of professional experience as a policy analyst, or closely-related role
• Bachelor’s degree required;
• Strong analytical, writing, and presentation skills
• Entrepreneurial ability in presenting new ideas and initiatives
• Demonstrated ability to network with other organizations
• Ability to demonstrate high initiative and the ability to work independently
• Solid understanding of and passion for economic freedom and a strong commitment to advancing freedom and well-being for individuals, communities, and societies

Standout applicants may also bring:
• Undergraduate concentration in economics, law, political science, business or related fields preferred
• Master’s degree, JD, or higher preferred; concentration in fields listed above preferred
• Federal or state legislative experience preferred

All candidates will be required to submit writing samples and a CV or list of their publications. Examples include substantive research papers, articles, and op-eds.


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