Afterschool Alliance helps children learn everywhere

Afterschool Alliance, a Charles Koch Institute (CKI) partner, has released a new publication outlining best practices for community learning hubs across the United States. Community learning hubs are an important resource for many children, providing them access to caring adults, Internet, learning supports, meals, and safe enrichment activities.

Unlike after-school programs, these hubs operate all day long.

“Community Learning Hubs have become a lifeline for students that are in all virtual and/or hybrid school models — giving them a safe place to be throughout the day and in some cases evenings,” writes the Alliance.

The resource, Community Learning Hubs: A Resource Guide, provides key considerations for creating learning hubs, as well as lessons learned that will help students recover from pandemic deficits in learning and schooling. The resource was developed with support from CKI and in partnership with the National League of Cities.

“This guide provides real-time advice to educators, social-service providers, and community leaders who are working to help children learn anywhere and everywhere,” says CKI Executive Director Derek Johnson.

With support from CKI, Afterschool Alliance will continue to build new resources, spotlight outstanding programs, and provide other resources to help its network of after-school providers, which number approximately 27,000, and educators in all 50 states support students during the pandemic and beyond.

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