ICYMI: CKI Vice President of Policy Will Ruger on police reform

Charles Koch Institute Vice President of Policy Will Ruger recently discussed the federal government’s 1033 program with Washington Post reporter James Hohmann. The program allows the military to provide bayonets, grenade launchers, .50-caliber ammunition, and other equipment to local law enforcement agencies.

Ruger told Hohman:

“The 1033 program improperly treats communities like combat zones, rather than our shared neighborhoods, while inducing fear and suspicion between the public and the police. We certainly want police officers to have the gear they need to keep themselves and us safe from violent criminals, but do the police officers in our cities and towns really need bayonets, grenade launchers … and camouflage uniforms?”

Ruger noted police reforms must go beyond ending the 1033 program and must include transforming police culture to improve transparency and accountability by addressing training, tactics, and police union contracts; reforming civil asset forfeiture and qualified immunity, and eliminating unnecessary criminalization.

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06-30-2020 10:40am

Supreme Court strikes a blow against free speech in Soros case, Charles Koch Institute fellow says

"At the heart of the First Amendment lies the principle that every person should decide for themselves what they want to say, or whether they want to say anything at all."

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06-18-2020 12:12pm

Conversations about race, equality, and the American experience

Organizations such as Braver Angels offer a path forward—driving a movement that seeks to create a space for dialogue to help us better understand each other and learn from each other. In a time where we’re having important conversations about race, equality, and the American experience, hearing each other’s voices is incredibly important.

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06-17-2020 10:15am

Lessons from Tiananmen Square for American Protesters

While Beijing pushed for measures to prevent protests, vigils, and other speech around the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Americans across the country started raising their voices to speak out against long entrenched injustices. Charles Koch Institute Director of Free Expression Sarah Ruger spoke to this essential component of progress in a recent commentary in Real Clear World.

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